Post Workout Meal?

Post Workout Meal?

Hey guys! First blog post here! Thought it would be cool to get the people involved! Let's start off with some food, because you know, it's Bulking Season! What's your favorite post workout meal to smash after your workout? That perfect meal you like to devour during your anabolic window! Ingesting as much protein as you can! Eat to grow! Let's hear them! Comment below! 


  • Josh

    Eggs, potatoes, and I usually throw in some Turkey sausage and eat them on whole wheat tortillas.

  • Christine

    Healthy diet and exercise is the road to longevity!! Strength training is so important for good posture, protects your bones, and reduces ones circulating BLOOD SUGAR which helps to lower your A1C!!! Also strength training can reduce Diabetes complication of type(1) and type (2)!! The most important person in your health team is YOU !! Keep a positive attitude and always follow up with your healthy annual check-up team to stay at the top of your game!! Knowing you healthy number is key to staying knowledgeable about your health!!

  • Jay

    Steak and asparagus!

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